BBC Documentary 2017 — Discovery Channel Alien Safari ¦ National Geographic Nova space Documenta

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BBC Documentary 2017 — the edge of space — bbc documentary 2017. full documentary 2017 — anonymous chasing edward snowden — hacker documentaries .

On our channel a lot of interesting documentaries on such themes:

Discovery Channel Alien Planets ¦ New Documentary 2016 National Geographic.

Discovery Channel ANCIENT ALIENS The Anunnaki National Geographic Documentary .

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  1. tom brinkman Говорит

    this seems like it’s from the 90’s

  2. snowinblood Говорит

    i just watched this on a different channel

  3. Joe Mckinley Говорит

    so you just post a 3 y/o episode of something as your own as a new video?

  4. Dikka0 Говорит

    BBC,Discovery,National Geographic,Nova, make your mind up which channel is it! Certainly not BBC.

    1. Quinten Fisher Говорит

      Doesn’t matter who owns it. He has been reported.

    2. Dikka0 Говорит

      A lot of these youtubers falsely title uploads as BBC to get more views because of their reputation for informative well produced programs. The BBC are also pretty quick at getting any of their programs removed from youtube. Apologies if i came across as snappy, it boils my piss when these guys use BBC just to get views. Have a good’un.

    3. Warren Swabb Говорит

      Dikka0 They would not say that if it was false unless some third party is writing false titles. I’m a Yank and, I love the BBC, we see a lot of it over here. Much better than our crap!

    4. Dikka0 Говорит

      How do you know this? It says in bottom right corner so I highly doubt BBC own it. I’m British and have a good idea what a BBC produced program looks like.

    5. Warren Swabb Говорит

      Dikka0 BBC owns it.

  5. Tron Sounds Говорит

    Freezing cold warm hot so hot heart heart heart heart heart

  6. David Schmidt Говорит

    Has anyone condensed water at room temperature? I know in a vacuum chamber it boils/evaporates at room temperature. Never heard of water compression, just hydraulic pressure, because water doesn’t compress itself.

  7. Clifford Ernest Говорит

    In space, do you poop upside down?

  8. Moronvideos1940 Говорит

    I downloaded this Thanks

  9. Tron Sounds Говорит

    Where does this guy Gets his knowledge?

  10. DjCole100 Говорит

    This should be called the Frankinmentary it’s just stitched together from one documentary to another and badly i might add.

    1. FreedomsDmocracy1st Говорит

      …good opinion, now make yours and send me link, might be you make a better one: I’m waiting.

  11. Tron Sounds Говорит

    Microscopic minuscule tiny small medium large gigantic huge planetary universal ultra universal dun dun dun!

  12. Propeller Head Говорит

    OLD video.. Click bate

  13. Angrypossums X Говорит

    2017 my arse

    1. speedy Thunder Говорит


    2. Guy Laurie Говорит

      You want me to 2017 your arse?

  14. David Garrison Говорит


    1. Robert Tressell Говорит


  15. Over Говорит

    Me thinks boring

  16. chaiblood1 Говорит

    this one isnt 2017 wtf

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