BBC Documentary 2017 — Discovery Channel Relativity Theory, Space Time! New Science Documentary

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  1. Dyslexic Artist Theory on the Physics of 'Time' Говорит

    This is an invitation to see a theory on the nature of time! In this theory we have an emergent uncertain future continuously coming into existence relative to the spontaneous absorption and emission of photon energy. The future is unfolding with each photon electron coupling or dipole moment relative to the atoms of the periodic table and the wavelength of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is part of a universal process of energy exchange that forms the ever changing world of our everyday life.

  2. sanjuansteve Говорит

    The standard illustration of a sphere of mass pushing ‘down’ on a 2D grid of ‘space-time’ (as in the thumbnail of this video) is simply incorrect and deceptive. The grid should be getting pulled inward toward the center of mass of the sphere in all directions to be correct, and is much better illustrated with a 3D grid. Animating this and moving a semi-transparent Earth-like sphere back and forth through a 3D grid would clearly illustrate this, and even more clearly if gravity (in the animation) was turned off and on while moving the sphere through the grid as well.

  3. The Duke 71000 71000 Говорит

    On Einstein and the THEORY of relativity. Quote «The Theory of relativity wraps all these errors and fallacies and clothes them in magnificent mathematical garb, which fascinates, dazzles, and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a King. Its exponents are very brilliant men, but they are Metaphysicists rather than Scientists» Unquote. Nikola Tesla, New York Times, July 11th 1935.

  4. Xenakerib Zapata Говорит

    And this has nothing to do with the theory on relativity

    1. Bill Davis Говорит

      It is also a Nova Documentary not Discovery Channel. Nor was it on BBC, it is some other TV channel.

  5. Francis Chima Говорит

    The theory is only confusing me

  6. Potato Priorites Говорит

    image quality is sub-par, but it’s good to listen to rather than watch

  7. logan Говорит


  8. Anthony Hendra Говорит

    .. meddling with my mind just for fun and past the time, these are just notes to tinker ponder as Alice wonder. Some which are quite interesting reads too.
    These Theories are Genuinely true in their respective corridors, bridging them is another matter. Wouldn’t take it seriously but, fascinating don’t you think?
    Bear in mind that it’s never this simple. If you’ve ever studied neural impulses on cognitive and step by step therapy into recovery then you’d understand this world is never anything simple by way of both scientifically(intelligence) and emotionally.
    If your nature is Motion. your move , though not necessarily forward.. hit a wall which blocks and frictions your movement. Thus causing you to age. And you thought that that must be the entity of Time / the Future. But in Reality, the Friction (which causes aging) is what makes the whole effect. And the sawdust is indeed remnants of time. This corresponds to the previously explained script.
    Motion framed :
    Can we truly accept that Existence in itself is Motion? That the Universe is a continuum of Motions. That nothing ever stops evolving moving or growing. That the Universe is Motion ledge upon ‘Something Temporary Motionless’. That on this side we know and live is all Motion. Nothing stood still for long enough to glimpse, for there is a time frame for motion to ‘become’, too. This so called ‘time frame’ is the decisive factor as such in matter and anti matter characteristics, except more volatile.
    That The Big Bang was just a chapter of a book that never ends. point is it didn’t and never began with Nothing. That both Something and Nothing stays separate until bleeps. Which just fractions.
    The Nature of Existence that ACTUALLY DISAPPEARS for a brief moment under layer, in space. This is Fascinating and acknowledge as The Stop of Time. Dimensional Phasing, the works and processes of Dimensional values in real life associations. Simply explained ; you need back drought force like workings of a catapult to move forward, even your muscles tense in hydraulic before you can move forward — The Ledge.
    Perhaps the answer lies in the Way, not the Result. The Way the Universe Exist. Because if it’s motion then there can be no Final Result. Only some portion of some stuffs, which are ALL IN THE PAST — LEFT BEHIND FACTORS, as such we’re dealing directly right now. And the fact that there is NO SUCH THING as FUTURE in the Books of Logical Science. Science does not acknowledge the presence of Future. In sense we think and imagine that we’re moving forward to a future, but in reality we’re just moving wihthin the movement itself. It’s like 1 + 1 = 2 metaphorically, but in reality nothing is exactly similar to 1. There is no other 1 but 1. In both scientific form and natural. There is only 1 of 1. The form, the content, the time produced, the way produced can never create another 1 — This is the one that Google failed to or deliberately refuse to explain. Pure Science, not applied Science. In actual sense word for word.
    That’s why in terms of Applied Mathematics it is perfectly fine to add the number Zero 0 to our calculations, but when we’re dealing with Pure Mathematics then it’s is totally a different matter.
    It is so simple to explain something that stood still until. But what if by Nature of Existence was born Motioning? hence.. recalculate everything — My Apologies for leaving no space for anyone to triumphant in this elaboration as the anti matter explains itself. Mind Meddling Project from 2011.
    Haven’t found any reason to believe that Time and Space are Parents of Everything. Really haven’t. Most probably isn’t at all.

  9. Xenakerib Zapata Говорит

    I disagree when they say that the telescope is “ONE” of the most important invention in the history of astronomy, I will say it is the MOST important.

    1. Battle Mud Говорит

      what about the lens?????

    2. Pik Mak Говорит

      What about the microwave burrito? Without the microwave burrito, most of the words leading astronomers would starve to death in their observatories.

    3. Pavan Pratap Singh Chauhan Говорит

      what about electricity?????

    4. Wirra Gunya Говорит

      @Pavan Pratap Singh Chauhan Um, electricity was NOT invented, but rather discovered and then utilised by mankind, but thanks for the laugh!!! 😀

  10. pavan K Говорит

    Why the space having zero gravity . Once u will think Earth is having won gravity but it’s circulating on sun solar gravity why?????

    1. Pik Mak Говорит

      Space doesn’t have gravity because gravity is created by distortions in space. Objects aren’t really attracted to each other, their path through space is just altered depending on the objects around them. We’re not really attracted to the surface of the earth but rather the direction objects travel through space when close to a planets surface is directly to the centre of that planet.

    2. Irghanchi Говорит

      pavan K

      Who say you that space have zero gravity !
      Every object in the universe attract each other.

    3. Rhys1810 Говорит

      pavan K because sun has a stronger gravitational pull

    4. Kushite.puntite Говорит

      @Pik Mak thats so damn wrong. 😑 Please google before talking bullshit. There *is* gravity in space, its what keeps the moon in orbit of earth and the earth in orbit of the sun

  11. arsen 1618 Говорит

    please this is not bbc

  12. Er. Santosh Kumar Ghugharwal Говорит

    Space-time is a 2-dimensional object? I didn’t get it. What is the direction of the actual DOWN in space time. It is not practical in actual space. Space can have many dimensions and you are showing it like a two dimensional object.

  13. Shubham Rathore Говорит

    I m from future and this theory is 40% right rest illusion

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