How to get a Job in Discovery Channel or National Geographic India as a Photographer in Hindi

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How to get a Job in Discovery Channel or National Geography India as a Photographer in Hindi
in this vlog i am sharing my experience about how i got the job in Discovery Channel India as a photographer and 2 years ago how i applied for the job in national geographic as a photographer

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  1. sidd Говорит

    Hello sir my question is ki jaise discovery or nat Geo Chanel tv pe animals ki documentary ati he to uske liye bhi game bahut jyada paise chahiye hote he and vi India mein nahi hota na ???

    1. KamalPreet Vlogs Говорит

      India m bhi hota h and yes bhot expensive gears hote h

  2. KamalPreet Vlogs Говорит

    nat geo ya discovery ki jobs k liye experience to chahiye hi but ye aapko dhyaan rkhna pdega ki these sort of jobs required a lot of money and efforts

    1. kabir rajput Говорит

      Hello my name is Kabir Singh from beawar ajmer Rajasthan India
      Please give me your number.
      My number is 7597230894….. Please call me
      .. help me
      My Instagram account name is @kabir_singh9982

  3. Online web Cool Говорит

    Your videos gave me some Happiness . keep it up

    1. KamalPreet Vlogs Говорит


  4. SVM GAMING Говорит

    Sir, I also want this job, I like to do all this.

    1. kabir rajput Говорит

      Hey I am Kabir Singh from Ajmer Rajasthan give me your number … … My number is 7597230894

  5. GOPI KRISHNA Говорит

    what is qulaificatio
    n in 12 ???

  6. Nevaidhya Singh Говорит

    hey i saw you first time it was an excellent vlog, kudos to you. I also want some kind of job like this like a nat geo explorer etc, cause like i am very interested in nature and wild life i am 15 right now, can you suggest some colleges and the path to this, would be a great help thanks

    1. KamalPreet Vlogs Говорит

      You need to be 18+ for these jobs atleast and have some professional degree in some special photography course for the job

    2. Nevaidhya Singh Говорит

      and also bro can you tell like is there a way for us indians to work full time for nat geo etc and what will be the salary etc I am really confused from the info online

  7. Twill Chakma Говорит

    Wow that’s an amazing achievement hope this pandemic end soon and you get to work in that project

    1. KamalPreet Vlogs Говорит


  8. Bimal Kumbhar Говорит

    How to send photos and other videos for nomination or to discovery channel..?

    1. Bimal Kumbhar Говорит

      @KamalPreet Vlogs ok thanks

    2. KamalPreet Vlogs Говорит

      You can submit through events they organise

  9. aarang official Говорит


  10. Amna Otthi Говорит

    Thank you so much for information ❤️

    1. KamalPreet Vlogs Говорит


  11. Nimisha sogani Говорит

    What was your salary in discovery Channel.

    1. Nick: The Friend Говорит

      @KamalPreet Vlogs ok nahi pohochuga lekin itna to bata do ki paise ache khaase to milte haina, ek IITian jitna ya uss se kam esa comparision lelo.

    2. KamalPreet Vlogs Говорит

      Never ask a man about hus salary

  12. Vaishnavi Shinde Говорит

    Can you please put the link in description of that photo through which they contacted you..i mean you said na which was published in newspaper.

  13. Elazar Kotkes Говорит

    would be cool if this video was in english

  14. Arav Wattal Говорит

    Sir.. Automotive Photography ka koi scope batao jisme acchi job mile aur Earning bhi acchi ho

  15. Ashwani Sharma Говорит

    Brother ,, i love this video of you

    1. KamalPreet Vlogs Говорит


  16. Vishal V Jaiswal Говорит

    What about freelancer guy

  17. Abhinav Mishra Говорит

    Sir can you please tell, how to contact you?

    1. KamalPreet Vlogs Говорит

      Insta p msg

  18. cracker beatzz Говорит

    Bro how can i talk to you seperately

    1. KamalPreet Vlogs Говорит


  19. MJ 92 Говорит

    Ur vlogs 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    1. KamalPreet Vlogs Говорит

      Thanku bhai ❤️

  20. Prakhar Verma Говорит

    How to join sir

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