National Geographic Documentary — Killer Toads — BBC Discovery Planet Animals

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  1. S4muel Говорит

    This belongs somewhere else

  2. Landolaibs_RBLX Говорит

    26:56 POV: You have just been released from prison after being experimented on, and you have a camera attached to you 🙂

  3. Grahame Freestone Говорит

    39:30 I thought that was someone’s hand at first. ✋

  4. Eric Ramos Говорит

    41:54 The battle of Darwin

  5. Exson Michael Говорит

    All Australian experiments seem to fail😂😂,they should just stop,I bet the toad juice will have venom growing plants in the future

  6. Otto Duke Говорит

    When he kicks the toad 😂😂😂

  7. Dom's Gaming Channel Говорит

    These toad create more and more toads so they need to invade

  8. familygrannyhorrOrLOvers 05 Говорит

    I have loved this documentary

  9. Police Officer Говорит

    I just want to learn about frogs but documentaries always have to include a bunch of goofy bullshit

  10. ColoredComet 365 Говорит

    Thank god for the toad busters

  11. Plae TheStore Говорит

    23:16 — 23:23 😂😁

    1. Chief Flocka Говорит


  12. Everlasting Moment Говорит

    why are they pests if their eating mosquitoes

    1. moatguy Говорит

      It’s not what they eat that’s the problem. It’s what eats THEM!!

    2. Sean Connors Говорит

      lol you aren’t serious right

  13. Michael Cavanough Говорит

    Toadbusters failed toads got through to Darwin in 2003

    1. Michael Cavanough Говорит

      @Adam Blade nothing that a solid 9 iron can’t fix

    2. Adam Blade Говорит

      Lol failures. Thats what they get for not just kiling them

  14. Nick Waddell Говорит

    Its not a venom.

  15. Anthony Aboh Говорит

    We need them in snake island

    1. Anthony Aboh Говорит

      @Pérola then the snakes will die off. Hahsga

    2. Pérola Говорит

      In Brazil cane toads are normaly prey of snakes

    3. Pérola Говорит

      Dude this is in Brazil

  16. HAOXUAN REN Говорит

    Why do we kill cane toads the rules of this world is can’t kill animal.

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