National Geographic Documentary — THE FUTURE OF AIRPOWER Military — BBC Discovery Planet

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Documentaries Discovery Channel The Future of Airpower Military Full Length Documentary

Documentaries Discovery Channel The Future of Airpower Military Full Length Documentary

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17 Комментарии
  1. Ryane Meziane Говорит

    This vintage documentary exist in 100 different name and different image you clic and here it is again!

  2. randomjoeooo Говорит

    Could this documentary be anymore rudimentary?

  3. afvet Говорит

    The Russians copied their aircraft from the USA. That is a fact.

  4. Boe Pleasant Говорит

    Control the skies an you control the world…..

  5. TheZelkhan Говорит

    This is propaganda at its finest

  6. CreationsByElder Говорит

    Name of channel = National Geographic HD1

    HD usually stands for High Definition. Original video was in HD, your upload is not. Quality really stinks.

    360p max definition is not HD…… thumbs down for video and channel…. 🙁

    1. ferrarienzo564 Говорит

      Lol I️ was jjust listen to this doc in the background. I️ didn’t realize how poor the video content was

  7. Zulfiqar Ansari Говорит

    The People who are creating these Weapons will burn in Hell in after life..
    No matter how mush powerfull they are after death, they will have to answer all the things they have done….

    1. Aaron Говорит

      @thiccfork I’m betting he does

    2. thiccfork Говорит

      Or maybe, god dosent exist

  8. CarePoint Global Говорит

    its raffal not rafael

  9. Avery Radom Говорит

    not 340p … on iphone 12 ? are you kidding me

  10. Bala krishna Говорит

    F15 is best…hahaha
    What about s400…
    You don’t know about Russian aircraft?
    You will never surpass Russian technology… Russia India friendship.

    1. FrontLineTexan 21 Говорит

      Bala krishna
      Oh, and you guys are buying F-16s now, a very superior aircraft.

    2. FrontLineTexan 21 Говорит

      Bala krishna
      F-15 isn’t the best you are right….

      But F-22 definitely is.

    3. Jim Gore Говорит


  11. Nikhil Bhardwaj Говорит

    Indian Sukhoi-30 Mki’s and Mig-29UPG’s are anyday better than F-15 and F-16

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