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While customs and traditions involving pregnancy vary worldwide, the developmental process is essentially universal. Find out about the science of pregnancy from conception, through the three trimesters, and to labor and delivery.
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Pregnancy 101 | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Rizky Arifin Говорит

    Moral of the Stories: RESPECT to Your Mother.

  2. National Geographic Говорит

    Human pregnancy typically lasts around 40 weeks and is divided into three trimesters of three months. What intrigues you the most about this developmental process?

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  4. Hervis Daubeny Говорит

    The mitochondrion is the powerhouse of the cell

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    Who is watching & waiting for their 1st baby 👶🏻

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  6. Maria Phares Говорит

    So cool to watch this while being pregnant! I think the process is so incredible. It’s weird to think that right now, at this moment, I’m creating another human, another life. I feel very honored that I can experience this. I can’t wait to see what my second boy will look like! I’m about 30 weeks along, and so excited! 🙂

    1. Ms. Cherry Roblox Говорит

      Your baby must be born now!!

    2. Nameless King Говорит

      @Bushra Zahir touch 😁

    3. Bushra Zahir Говорит

      @Nameless King can you tell me that in this video what is first sense a baby develop is it hearing or touch i am very confuse plz tell me

    4. Bushra Zahir Говорит

      Maria can you tell me that in this video what is first sense a baby develop is it hearing or touch i am very confuse plz tell me

    5. The one Alfonso Говорит

      Congratulations 🎊 but it’s important to know that you and I are are not the creators. The creator is established on the throne



  8. Mariana F Говорит

    my youtube is going to think im pregnant… im only a 13 year old in her biology lesson

    1. Natalia Ayala Говорит

      same tho

    2. King Mfalme Говорит

      I’m 11 it is kinda gross What we are learning about but….. gotta learn about these things so….

    3. Katie styles Говорит

      i am 14 and im doing this in a re lesson…

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  9. Tiffany Han Говорит

    My daughter was just born on 12/24/18(yesterday) 💕 I kind of miss being pregnant already

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  11. Moving Forward Говорит

    Before I formed you in your mother’s womb I knew You—God (in Jeremiah 1:5)

    1. The Alliance43 Говорит

      @Aerofiles You can’t call my beliefs wrong until you do, therefore the creationist perspective is preserved just as it has all of history. Mine provides an explanation, yours does not.

    2. Aerofiles Говорит

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    3. The Alliance43 Говорит

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      @The Alliance43 Ok well this conversation is going nowhere. You are still dishonestly portraying the big bang as something coming from nothing and therefore it’s not worth arguing with you. Your beliefs have positively affected your life, that’s wonderful for you, however, your beliefs, are beliefs, not facts. Bye.

    5. The Alliance43 Говорит

      @AerofilesPi is a fact, the Big Bang or evolution is not. I believe in science, but I am not going to eradicate my beliefs, (especially with how positively they have affected my life) based on some theory that goes against all laws and constants. As to why the writers of the Bible are illiterate in terms of science, it is due to science as we know it today only existing for the past 400 years. Why would they write in terms that they themselves do not understand?

  12. Quantum Einstein Говорит

    Behind every human success, there is hand of a women

    1. Ryan Ng Говорит

      @Romilly Stevens We are talking about women here. Stop dragging men into this sort of essay video. Just shows you have internalised sexism

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    3. Romilly Stevens Говорит

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      Deeana V well if we removed one male and female none of us would exist

    5. Deeana V Говорит

      @Romilly Stevens We could try creating artificial sperms using DNA of other famales but yes u r right both gender are equal,but when u said without men there wouldn’t be women u just sounded like a sexist women,sexist towards ur own gender

  13. Ridhima Joshi Говорит

    It looks so painful and lots of hardwork

    1. Bushra Zahir Говорит

      @Erin Stone  Hi erin can you tell me that in this video what is first sense a baby develop is it hearing or touch i am very confuse plz tell me

    2. Bushra Zahir Говорит

      Ridhima can you tell me that in this video what is first sense a baby develop is it hearing or touch i am very confuse plz tell me

    3. Kyle P Говорит

      Got any names picked out?

    4. Erin Stone Говорит

      Well I am pregnant and I’m not liking the fact that I pee all the time and morning sickness was no joke at all but for the most part it hasn’t been so bad. Can’t wait to meet kiddo though!

    5. Cheyenne Ninnette Говорит

      It is. Well, at least it’s extremely uncomfortable. It helps if you think about the baby you’re gonna have soon but my point is, no one should be forced to experience pregnancy unless they are ready and really want to. Don’t get me wrong, I’m amazed of what my body can do and I planned it with my husband so it was rather a happy experience for me, but the reality is it’s 9 months (40 weeks) of 24/7 inconvenience.

  14. Hanufa Khatun Говорит

    My mom got delivery during her 6 and half months of pregnancy due to some health issues….as child i used to be very week.. i am 19 years old now ….living a healthy life….

  15. I L O V E C H O C L A T E Говорит

    Welcome to another episode of…

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  16. Shalea Shaw Говорит

    Absolutely beautiful but extremely terrifying. Mad respect. My uterus will most likely stay empty forever.😂😂😂😥😥😥😖😖😖😖

    1. Mahasin Mohamedali Говорит




  17. Aryan Говорит

    Such an incredible process by an incredible being.

  18. Luke Phillips Говорит

    Fun fact: during the first 3 months of pregnancy you are very tired due to all your energy going to the baby

    1. Bushra Zahir Говорит

      Luke can you tell me that in this video what is first sense a baby develop is it hearing or touch i am very confuse plz tell me

  19. angela perez Говорит

    Pregnancy really is a fascinating thing 😮 I’m 22 weeks pregnant with a boy and while it definitely hasn’t been easy, when I get to meet my precious baby boy I’ll know it was all worth it 💙

    1. Walid Loumouh Говорит

      Did it go well? How old is he now?

  20. AN Dromeda Говорит

    Brilliant. I wish Mothers and their bodies were respected more. I wish women’s bodies were respected more in society instead of always being scrutinized for not being perfect like photoshopped images. After all its the womens body that should define beauty exactly the way it is, instead of being defined by beauty. And our Mothers especially deserve to feel beautiful and loved. Bless our mothers and I pray God helps us be the best to them..Ameen!🤰💖👩‍👧‍👦😘

    1. DPR-ss Говорит

      @Steven Bond
      You can control your urges to touch someone and control what you do

    2. Ms. Cherry Roblox Говорит

      @Steven Bond Made to be attracted lmao. It’s been a year since this comment hopefully you learned…

    3. AN Dromeda Говорит

      @AlHashemi.S aw.. well welcome to Islam sis 🙂

    4. AlHashemi.S Говорит

      👏👏Wow! very well said
      and i m impressed that you are Muslim too

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