The Revolution That Shaped Russia | National Geographic

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In 1917, revolution would change the nation of Russia.
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Prior to the 1900’s, the majority of Russia’s population were poor, peasant farmers who were ruled by a monarchy. Writings by Karl Marx that supported a classless society inspired revolutionaries to organize. Under the leadership of Vladimir Lenin, citizens along with soldiers would overthrow the monarchy and form a new provisional government. However, more civil unrest would follow until Lenin and the Bolshevik Party took control. The 1917 revolutions led to the creation of the Soviet Union, the world’s first Communist State.

Read "From Tsar to U.S.S.R.: Russia's Chaotic Year of Revolution"

The Revolution That Shaped Russia | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Natasha Kosogova Говорит

    Жаль картавого не добили. Все бы могли ездит по странам как сейчас. И работать и учится. А сейчас все Шариков

  2. Natasha Kosogova Говорит

    They just killed Royal Family

    1. S M Говорит

      @James Alexis De Leon they couldn’t have killed without Lenin’s order.

    2. Trailmix 20 Говорит


    3. James Alexis De Leon Говорит

      Nah Its not Vladimir lenins fault its the People not Vlad Vlad not order to kill the tsar he just said that tsar go to prison but instead the people killed Tsar so Dont believe in Western lies

  3. Manolis_16096 Говорит

    Trotsky was very important to the revolution, why don’t you mention him?

    1. Mystery Everlasting Говорит

      @The Unknown Why would that matter, if I may ask.

    2. Mystery Everlasting Говорит

      @Mark Bishop It’s a very open secret.

    3. Comrade Dihain Говорит

      @Amadeus Mozart sorry i had no clue what I said in there

    4. Amadeus Mozart Говорит

      @Comrade Dihain So what? Lenin was a jew too.

    5. Qinawi Qinawi Говорит

      @Mark Bishop Indeed. Czar Nicholas mentioned their out-sized role in the 1905 revolution in a letter to Count Witte( Russia’s ten Prime Minister)

  4. Lee Tossell Говорит

    Anyone here because of GCSE History? Lmao

    1. Yuzzack Zakaria Говорит


    2. Your Valentine Говорит


    3. Molly Cooke Говорит


    4. Lil GodNugget Говорит


    5. Saprativ Das Говорит

      I have all these in my syllabus… But I’m from ISC board.

  5. Bolik Говорит

    «The capitalists themselves will sell us the rope in which we will hang them.»

    V. I. Lenin

    1. Karl Marx Говорит

      @Mr. Andrew ok liberal

    2. Mr. Andrew Говорит

      Keep dreaming kid🤣🤣🤣 oh yeah, get a job

    3. Lentiaj I hentaj Говорит

      Lenin is a mushroom

    4. Deepa Sharma Говорит

      Danger revolution in Russia

  6. Sampath Kumar Говорит

    So many times I got pain I escape from my wife and daughter last life today I’m talking punishment

  7. Douglas Mueller Говорит

    Well like Patton said . let’s join Germany and wipe out Russia. Any gov that would do this to its people is bad. Hey on another note. Now we have Biden, starting to see similarities.

  8. Jack Говорит

    You gotta admit the german decision to get lenin back into russia was nothing short of a genius move on their part.

    1. Jtek225 Говорит

      oh yeah, genius

  9. jazz4asahel Говорит

    Seattle and Portland are not like this. Yet.

  10. Dennis Bakker Говорит

    As for centuries wars were against russia. Think of where it comes from . Ww1 ww2 bolsjeviks communism.. cold war..
    Leave them alone!
    I stand with russia

  11. Barry Branton Говорит

    I am not sure whether he (Stalin) will always be capable of using that authority with sufficient caution. Lenin.

  12. Esmanur Yılmaz Говорит

    I like the video and also love the music 🙂

  13. Mystery Everlasting Говорит

    I could be wrong but I was told that it was a coup d’etat and not a revolution

  14. SUROKANYA GHOSH IX-G -14 Говорит

    I ❤️ the video.

  15. Shokk fredonmars Говорит

    Oratory 3rd form geography

  16. John Mcgowan Говорит

    The least that Natgeo could say. Shameful.

  17. Camilla Truques de Beleza Говорит

    Great video!

  18. Vendem Говорит

    Monkay monkay monkay eee eee ooo oo

  19. Baur Говорит

    Noteworthy that bloody civil war 1917-1922 killed millions of people.

    1. Noxian Summoner Говорит

      Войну-то как раз развязали монархические силы плюс сочувствующие их строю капиталисты от мелких кулаков до промышленников. Они саботировали как поставки еды в города, так и вообще экономику, поскольку коммунистическое государство их спекуляциям не способствовала.

    2. Внук Ельцина Говорит

      @Nissan GT-R Ну если бы не было гражданской войны, которую развязали большевики, не было бы и 10 млн жертв.

    3. Nissan GT-R Говорит

      @Внук Ельцина на самом деле меньше. 10 млн — это все потери с 1918 по 1922. включая голода, террор, эпидемию испанского гриппа, польско-советскую войну, и собсвтвенно гражданку. только от испански умерло около 5 миллионов. ещё от голодов миллиона 2. то есть, от самой войны погибло не более 2-3 миллионов.

    4. M Nohcho Говорит

      And the NKVD repressions even more millions after that

    5. Внук Ельцина Говорит

      10 mln

  20. Jaleel S. Говорит

    Tsars Stepped down ? Moreso gunned down in a small room under their mansions

    1. Lucas Carey Говорит

      Yes, he did step down, about 16 months before he and his family were executed. And they weren’t in a royal mansion; they were imprisoned in a house selected by the Bolsheviks. They were killed as a precaution that they would some day regain power.

    2. Nikola95inYT Говорит

      @Eric K. not before he abdicated, his generals and circle urged him to do so. He was kept in his residency as a protection measure by the provisional government and it was all before communists really took power. There was a window of opportunities, like british royalty could have saved him but they didn’t.

    3. Eric K. Говорит

      Haha I was thinking the same thing! I also heard the entire family was shot to detath.

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