Tornadoes 101 | National Geographic

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Tornadoes are some of the most destructive forces of nature. Learn how tornadoes form, how they are rated, and the country where the most intense tornadoes occur.
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Tornadoes 101 | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. Leighann Mackenzie Говорит

    I’m so confused. I’ve literally NEVER heard of a tornado in the UK in my whole 38 years. Im not saying they done happen as they obviously do its just strange they never make reports on it.

    1. Skar Говорит

      Yeah I was thinking that, I’ve never seen one in the uk

  2. National Geographic Говорит

    These violent storms occur around the world, but the United States is a major hotspot with about a thousand tornadoes every year. To learn more, you can read on here:

    1. Kaycee C Говорит


    2. King Trophy Guide Говорит

      They’re big, they’re scary and they can carry cars, cows and even a couple of houses.🌪️🌪️🌪️

    3. zs Говорит

      Why do you really have to do tornadoes videos why why why

    4. • notItzFlxmez roblox • Говорит


    5. Celet Pontillas Говорит

      Non-supercell tornadoes are like no clouds…

  3. Janstine ツ Говорит

    Fun Fact: If the tornado looks like it’s not moving, that means it’s heading to your direction.

    1. Bruno Mars Говорит

      @Lychee Myusic No because the further it gets the smaller it looks. So you SEE it moving.

    2. yoongi Говорит


    3. Top drives Говорит

      I knew it, but thanks!

    4. Carlee Nye Говорит

      Thanks that’s actually really helpful

    5. Sophie Lily Говорит

      @Lychee Myusic we’ll never know XD

  4. Yawar fareed Говорит

    This 101 series is the best. Keep up guys

    1. Lincoln Gallagher Говорит

      eso e

    2. Lincoln Gallagher Говорит

      ya I did not know that.

    3. Joseph Lowry Говорит

      Tornadoes are quite fascinating but also dangerous plus I didn’t know that an tornado hit Birmingham in England 2005.

    4. big godzilla Говорит

      Yep same

    5. Rizoana Sharmin Говорит

      Yeah it’s same here too. This episode is much more interesting than my teacher taught me. Also, more interesting than I learnt from my books. Thank you National Geographic………… I love 101 series!!!!!

  5. Takuto Говорит

    Tornado is called 竜巻(Tatsu-maki) in Japanese. 竜 means dragon, 巻 means curl

    1. Rolling Cloud Говорит

      @michael the pyromaniac its the norm, same in Europe, they all use Latin, a lot of similarities between them as well

    2. jenod roseboro Говорит

      Your smart 😇

    3. michael the pyromaniac Говорит

      @X Z it’s because Japanese is really «inspired» off of Chinese lol

    4. X Z Говорит

      Similar here in China! It is 龙卷风(Long-Juan-Feng). 龙 is the Chinese version Chinese character for 竜, 卷 is the same as 巻, too, and 风 means the wind 🙂

    5. Lakshya Raj Gamer Говорит

      Arigato for the information

  6. The Forest Lover Говорит

    Tornadoes protecc
    Tornadoes attacc
    But most importantly..
    Tornadoes be wreckin yo shacc

    1. MATTHEW MUINDU Говорит

      underrated LOL

    2. Dominous YT Говорит


    3. HerpesFree Since03 Говорит


    4. Madelyn Romero Говорит


    5. Serafina Adigbli Говорит


  7. pramod sinha Говорит

    Hotstar have — Criminal Justice
    Netflix have — Sacred games

    NAT GEO HAVE — Their ‘101’ series

    1. Zulzi Gaming Говорит

      pramod sinha aham brahmasahi

    2. pramod sinha Говорит

      @Samriddha Biswas Bro I mean whole ‘netflix/hotstar/nat geo’ team

    3. Samriddha Biswas Говорит

      pramod sinha *has

  8. Jewel Horn Говорит

    I love this. National Geographic is awesome.

  9. Icicles Music Говорит

    Humans : *ughhh … there is a tornado!*
    Tornado : *wirling and singing ‘time to dance ‘*

  10. Setya Rahman Говорит

    My name is Setya Faturahman from SMK Bakti Nusa. Tornado are so frightening that they can devour whatever is in front of them, if we see a tornado it is better to take refuge in a safe place like a basement to save yourself.

  11. Azliana Lyana Говорит

    Pure destructive force. Absolutely terrifying. But great explanation here. Was very informative. Also reminds me of the movie «Twister» back in the 90s.

    1. Joseph Lowry Говорит

      Yeah me too.

    2. Sky baby Говорит

      I loved that movie when I was younger 🥺

    3. Pato Duck Говорит

      Oooo I love twister

    4. Heisenbulge Говорит

      I just watched twister yesterday lol, it was amazing

    5. z z Говорит

      Only in America.

  12. AceHigh124 Говорит


  13. Mondo Shredder Говорит

    Tornado footage and info without childish screaming, that’s refreshing. Usually you have to turn to Pecos Hank for that kind of footage…

    1. Douglas Taylor Jr Говорит

      I too am a Pecos Hank fan

    2. Sho Nuff Говорит

      «RFD!!!! RFD!!!! WE HAVE DEBRIS!!»

    3. Douglas Griffiths Говорит

      And still another Hank fan. He’s awesome!!! (Jan Griffiths).

    4. -x-x- Говорит

      Pecos is amazing.

    5. QuarryBee Говорит

      Another Hank fan i see

  14. Corey Messick Говорит

    I’ll just add that to my list of complex misunderstood reasons why I’d leave America and never return.

    1. GABBY Говорит


  15. HYROXIA PLATIN Говорит

    no one:
    not even Miley Cirus:
    My Parents way to school:

    1. MATTHEW MUINDU Говорит


    2. Gunasekaran M Говорит


    3. HYROXIA PLATIN Говорит

      @swiftlieber opps sorry

    4. swiftlieber Говорит


  16. Iris G - A Говорит

    That’s the power and the beauty of nature! How arrogant, therefore senseless, is man’s behaviour towards what he should respect!

  17. Pradnja Paramita Говорит

    I love the 101 series. Short, but full of informations

  18. -MANNA- Говорит

    who here has online classes because of covid-19 and they were assigned to watch this

    1. Carlee Nye Говорит

      Mememememe meeeeeeeee

    2. Lexie !!! Говорит


    3. AstralMax 516 Говорит

      i comment something like this but not the same

    4. AstralMax 516 Говорит


    5. Serafina Adigbli Говорит


  19. Era Говорит

    i love her voice

    1. Magdy Говорит

      @Down with U.S. Government I hate tornados

    2. Magdy Говорит

      @Susi Bustani because they kisses her

    3. Shadowless Gengar Говорит

      OK 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    4. XxႽႵიჁოႽႹმძიwxX Говорит

      🥰😻Cute voice right?😘😍

    5. GAME X PRO Говорит


  20. John Appleseed Говорит

    Tornadoes look funny and scary at the same time. It’s like a cloud slurping out of the ground

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